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RESITRIX® - Over the last 40 years the product has been developed to create a highly flexible, reinforced single-ply membrane combining in one-layer all the advantages of EPDM and the easy installation of polymer modified bitumen and detailing with hot-air welding.

Over 40 million square metres of this 2.5mm rubber membrane have been installed worldwide on roofs, with applications that range from walkways, gutters and valleys through to train carriage roofs and boat decks showing the systems versatility in any application. The RESITRIX® brand rose to the position of the fastest-growing single-ply brand in the waterproofing sector in 2011.

The RESITRIX® self adhesive reinforced EPDM membrane offers all the advantages of EPDM, combined with the benefits of a cold applied self-adhesive waterproofing membrane.

The range of products includes RESITRIX® SK Partial Bond, RESITRIX® SK W Full Bond

We also supply the range of Alutrix vapour barriers

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