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There is a requirement on many new buildings to create a watertight seal around window reveal joints in concrete facades and around calcium silicate boards, before fitting the external facade to the buildings.

Most conventional methods require the substrate to be dry before being bonded together. In the UK regardless of seasons, this is virtually impossible. Therefore some system manufactures suggest priming the substrate, using contact adhesive and thinners and then using mastic around the edge of the membrane to create a seal.

This is costly and time consuming!!

Enter the GFS System...

This unique system offers the solution. A simple two part system! Our EPDM membrane used with a one part sealant/adhesive. Our sealant/adhesive will stick to any substrate even in damp conditions, no need for primer/thinners etc. Adhesive comes in a 600ml foil sausage, applied with applicator guns. Simply apply adhesive to either the substrate or membrane, immediately apply together and use a roller to apply pressure to activate the adhesive, you will need to allow 24 hours to cure although our GFS adhesive is instantly waterproof.

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